breeding saints with love and passion since 2006

We are under the process of recreating our homepage. In the meantime feel free to visit us on facebook  (Gunilla Mattsson) and Instagram (svanasjons)

SEUCH FIUCH Svänasjöns Fantasy Of My Own "Elsa"

in front of our kennelbuilding


We live and breath Saint Bernards every day. Even though you havnt seen us around to much lately.

The past three years we took a brake from the showring because we felt we needed to focus on otherthings  in life. The dogs still has been and are a very big part of our life.

We are a family of four. Both Gunilla and Henrik working fulltime beside taking care of our house, land and animals.  We have two boys Fabian 13 years old and Filip 11 years old. 

In the newspage we will update you with the latest news conserning our dogs, upcoming litters, showresults and more.

We hope both new and old followers will enjoy to be a part of our journey continuing to represent and breed the lovely Saint Bernard dog. And not the least our everyday life with our

Gentle Giants.